More Eclipse Info!

The county is continuing to give us more and more information about the eclipse, so I want to make sure to relay all of this info to you.

In order to participate in the eclipse viewing, student permission slips are due no later than Friday, August 18th. Students who do not have a permission slip will be placed in another classroom to view the eclipse through a live stream. If you wish for your child for participate, please get permission slips to me by this Friday. If you need another permission slip, please email me and I will send home another.

Students who are absent with a parent note about the eclipse will be excused on Monday, Aug. 21st.  Students will be counted present for that day as long as they are in school from the start of the day until at least 11:15.  Early checkouts will end at 1:30.

There will be a 50 minute delay to our school day on August 21st. Therefore, dismissal is planned to begin at 3:00. If you normally pick your child up by car, or if you meet your child at the bus stop, please make sure to add 50 minutes to your normal pick-up time.

If you have any other questions regarding this day, please email me!


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