Weekly Update

Happy Eclipse Day! WOW, the eclipse was amazing! I’m so glad that my students were able to witness such an amazing site. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the eclipse this afternoon:

Students were given their graded tests and classwork from last week to take home today. Please check your child’s green folder for these papers. Students who received below a 70% on a test will have a Test Retake Agreement Form attached to the front of their test, as well as a study guide. Please sign and return this paper to school. Students must complete and turn in their study guide by Friday, August 25th in order to have the opportunity to retake their test.

Remember: Picture Day is this Wednesday. Students must dress in Standard Attire. Please see my last blog post for more information.

Here is what we are doing in class this week:

Reading: We will be focusing on finding the theme of a piece of literature. There will be a test on Friday.

Writing: This week we are continuing to focus on Narrative Writing. Students will begin planning out their writing this week.

Science: We will be focusing on weather and weather tools this week. No test this Friday.

Math: We will spend the beginning of our week reviewing place value. Then for the remainder of the week, our focus will be on rounding numbers. No test this Friday.

Spelling: This week’s spelling words are words with the short e sound. Check out my Spelling City page for games and practice tests on these words. Our spelling test will be on Friday.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful afternoon!

-Ms. Allison



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