Week of August 28th Update

Hi everybody! Here are a couple of reminders for this week:

  • Please remember that this Wednesday is early release. Students will be dismissed at 12:30.
  • This Friday is a dress down day for $1. Students can bring in $1 to donate to our PTA and dress down for that day! Please make sure that dress down outfits are school appropriate!

Now here’s our weekly classroom update!

Reading: In reading this week, we are focusing on finding the Point of View of a text (first person and third person). We will have a Point of View test on Friday.

Writing: We are still working on narrative writing this week.

Science: Our focus is science this week is on extreme weather. There will be a test on Friday on weather, climate, weather tools, and extreme weather. A study guide will be sent home tomorrow, and students can also study their science notebooks! (Social studies will be coming soon!)

Math: Today and tomorrow, we are still practicing our strategies for rounding numbers. We will take our test on rounding on Wednesday. Then for the remainder of the week, we will shift our focus to addition using the standard algorithm.

Spelling: Spelling words this week are words with the long e sound. Students have spelling word packets to study and can also play games/study using my Spelling City page. Like always, our spelling test will be on Friday.


Progress reports will be sent home this week (I will send out an email blast on the actual day they go home). I am in the process of grading work/tests from last week, and will have them in the gradebook before progress reports go home. When you receive your child’s progress report, please sign the form and return it back to me. There will be a place on the form for you to write a note to me with any questions or concerns you may have about a grade. If you leave me a note, I will be sure to contact you through email regarding your question or concern as soon as I can.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you for continuing to be so, so supportive!

-Ms. Allison



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