Eclipse Parent Letter

Click the link below to find a Parent Letter that gives information about the eclipse day at Teasley. It may help to answer any questions that you may have.

Eclipse Parent Letter


Important Documents Sent Home Today

Hi everyone.

Your child was sent home with a few important documents today that I wanted you to be aware of.

  1. Eclipse Viewing Permission Slips: As you know, on August 21st we are going to experience a solar eclipse. This is an amazing rare phenomenon. Dismissal on this day will be delayed until 3:00. We would love for our kids to be able to witness the eclipse. If you wish for your child to participate in the viewing of the eclipse, please sign and return the permission slip. Students will be given proper eyewear to protect them during the viewing.
  2. ParentVUE Passwords/Agreement Forms: ParentVUE is the online gradebook where you can view your child’s grades. If you signed an Agreement Form at Open House, I have sent your password home with your child today. If I do not have an Agreement Form from you, I have sent one home today to be signed and returned to school. Until I have the Agreement Form, I cannot send home your password.
  3. Picture Day Order Forms: If you would like to purchase Fall photos, please complete the Order Form with payment. Picture Day is on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Also, if you are interested in your child participating in Distinguished Gentleman and Pearls, please see the following message:

Teasley Elementary would like to invite all students that are currently in 3rd-5th grades to apply to be a member of Distinguished Gentlemen/PEARLS.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students who were not a part of this wonderful mentorship program previously,  to be a part of it this year.  If your child is interested in joining a group of young individuals that want to make a change in their school and community, please completely read the requirements and commitments of DG/PEARLS below.

  • Each Wednesday, leaders are required to wear khaki pants, a white button-down dress shirt, a tie, and dress shoes (for the gentlemen) khaki bottoms, a white cardigan, and nice shoes ( for young ladies).  Please, no tennis shoes.
  • Families must be able to attend the Induction Ceremony held at Teasley Elementary on August 24th at 6:30 p.m.
  • Leaders must be committed to meetings each Wednesday from 2:35-4:00 p.m. and must have transportation or attend ASP after being dismissed after each meeting.
  • Parent(s) agree to provide a three-prong folder and pay a $20 membership fee (for the entire year).  The membership fee may be paid at the Induction Ceremony.
  • Students must be committed to completing their Leadership logs and earning their levels.

If you’re up for the challenge, please complete the form via the link here –  Although we’d love to have each student that applies, membership is based on a lottery system.   Students that are chosen for DG/PEARLS will have their parents notified by August 21st. Submissions will be accepted through Friday, August 18th @ 2:45 pm.  Good luck!

Week of August 14th

Hi everyone!

It’s the start of a new week and we have awesome things planned for this week! Here’s a quick look at some of the things we’ll be doing:

Reading: We will be focusing on “reading” characters. By looking at details in the text about what the characters say and do, we will be able to discover and learn about character traits, as well as clues about the setting and events in the story. We will have a test on Friday.

Writing: We are starting Narrative Writing this week. Students will be focusing on how to zoom in on one moment in a story and write about that moment using descriptive details and dialogue.

Science: This week we are still continuing our study of the Water Cycle. We will also talk about States of Matter. There will be a test on Friday. I will give students a study guide on Monday. Students should also study their interactive science notebook.

Math: We are focusing on place value this week, as well as writing numbers in expanded form, standard form, and word form. We will also use our knowledge of place value to compare numbers and number values. There will be a test on Friday. Students should study their math interactive notebook in preparation for the test.

Grammar/Spelling: We are starting grammar this week with a focus on simple mechanics such as capitalization and punctuation. Our spelling words this week focus on words with the long a sound. We will have our spelling test on Friday. Students can study their spelling words packet or visit my Spelling City page to play games with this week’s words and take a practice test.

Yes, I know that Friday’s are very heavy with assessments. However, we do take lots of fun brain breaks in between the tests, so students are not overloaded with too much testing at once. Our brain breaks usually include dancing, stretching, and just overall body movement. Brain breaks are research proven to be effective in allowing a student’s brain to “reset” and re-focus! Plus, they are so much fun!

That’s it for our week! Here are a few important reminders from the front office:

  • Reminder that transportation changes must be made in writing to your child’s teacher or the front office. Transportation changes will not be accepted through email, fax, or phones. This is for the safety of our students!
  • Any items dropped off at school after 8:00am will not be accepted. Please make sure to drop off any items before 8:00am. This is to preserve the instructional time within our classrooms.
  • ASP Open House for enrichment programs will be this Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 in the Cafe.
  • If your student is participating in a club this year, you will need to pay $7 that day for ASP.
  • August 22nd is our first Spirit Night at the Vinings Chick-Fil-A. Come out and support our school!
  • Fall Picture Day is Wednesday, August 23rd. Students should dress in standard attire.

I will be sending out information this week regarding the eclipse that will be on August 21st. Keep an eye out for a blog post sometime either Monday or Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week!

-Ms. Allison



Change of Plans + Interactive Notebooks

We have had a small change of plans this week. I decided to go ahead and start science, so for the remainder of the week and next week we will be studying the water cycle and states of matter!

Also, I wanted to give you a heads up on interactive notebooks. We have an interactive notebook for each subject. Our notebooks are full of everything that we learn in class. Students are more than welcome (and encouraged!) to take their notebooks home to study. This is the BEST way for them to study the content we talk about in class. It is like an ongoing study guide for everything that we cover for the entire year! However, we use our notebooks every day, so please try to make sure the notebooks make it back to school the next day! I will stress this to my students as well, as they are responsible for their own notebook.

I will update you on when we will have our first science test, as well as any other tests in other subjects. Our first spelling test is this Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

-Ms. Allison

Week of August 7, 2017- Update

Hello, Parents!

Our first week was a success! We had so much fun and the week definitely flew by. This week, we are beginning to dive into some curriculum and I wanted to give you a quick little update of what to expect this week:

Reading: We will be focusing on strategies to help us become strong readers. This is an introduction to our reading workshop, which will truly begin next week.

Writing: We are working on building up our writing stamina. Each day, we will extend the time that we spend writing independently so that we are able to write consistently for the full workshop time.

Science/Social Studies: We will begin Science/Social Studies next week. I will send out an update accordingly.

Math: Our math focus for this week is reading and writing numbers up to the one millions place (Place Value).

Spelling: Our first spelling test is this Friday. Students were given their spelling words packets this morning and have already begun practicing and studying the words. Some students may prefer to leave their packets here at school so they are safe, however if your child brings their packet home to study, please make sure it makes it back to school the next day! Students who do not wish to take their packets home may study their spelling words on my Spelling City page:

Besides spelling, there are no other tests this week.

Reminder: Please remember to check your student’s agenda every day if possible. Students should be writing in it every day. Their behavior color is recorded by me at the bottom of each day.

Also, please make sure your student is arriving to school wearing standard attire. EVEN SOCKS! Socks that are showing must be solid colored with NO patterns.

There is a PTA Meeting on Tuesday at 6:15pm in the Cafe. Come out and support the Teasley PTA and purchase some awesome spirit wear for you and your child!

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to shoot me an email if there are ever any questions/concerns! Have a wonderful week!

-Ms. Allison