More Announcements

Student Council Elections:

Our class will be holding student council elections next Monday. Each class picks one boy and one girl to represent their class in student council. Students who are interested in running for student council must write a speech to present to the class on Monday explaining why they are the best candidate to represent our class. We will listen to each speech and then vote to determine who our representatives will be. Speeches must be completed and presented by Monday in order to run as a representative.

Extra Credit Math Project:

Today, students will be going home with information regarding an extra credit math project. The project consists of completing a “menu”, which gives students multiple options for what they would like to do. Students should not complete every activity listed on the menu. Students will choose two activities from the “Appetizer” section, one activity from the “Entree” section, and one activity from the “Dessert” section for a total of four activities. This project will be due on Monday, October 2, 2017 and will count as a project/test grade. Remember, this project is totally optional!

Here is a download link for the project: AdditionandSubtractionCafe4NBT4 (1)


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