Multiplication Practice and Drills

Dear Parents,

As many of you know, we have started our multiplication unit. The results of our first test have raised the concern that many students are still struggling with basic multiplication facts (a 3rd grade skill). Memorization of multiplication facts is imperative for success this quarter, as the multiplication tasks are going to become much more challenging. In order to combat this, we are going to begin having multiplication practice drills.

The children will be tested on all multiplication levels from x1 to x12. Please note that your child will be tested almost every day on their multiplication math facts. These drills will not be a grade. The speed at which your child progresses through the facts is up to him/her. Your child has one minute to complete 20 problems. He/she must get all 20 correct in order to move to the next level.

Starting Monday, October 23, practicing math facts is going to be a daily homework assignment. Please sign your child’s practice log to indicate that they are practicing each night. Logs will be checked daily. I will provide each student with a set of flashcards for each level that they are practicing for. Please help your child study his/her facts each night. Your child will be responsible to let you know what level he/she is on. For each new level they pass, they will receive a new set of flash cards to practice. If he/she pass their x1’s, they will get a set of x2’s. If they pass their x2’s, they will get a set of x3 flash cards to practice with. They will receive their new set of flash cards the day they pass their current level. Please keep all the cards in the baggie and send them with your child each day (they will be used during centers time throughout the year). The flash cards will be an invaluable tool for helping your child pass each level!

Towards the end of the quarter, I will host an ice cream party for the students who pass all the way to their 10’s. We will build ice cream sundae’s to celebrate all that we accomplished! The boys and girls who make it all the way to their x12’s will get both a sundae and an extra special privilege. Please help your child study their facts each night. Play games, race each other, and practice in the car. If you own a tablet, an iPad, computer, etc. there are many wonderful apps and sites your child can use to practice. The more at ease the children are with their facts, the better off they will be in math for the remainder of the year as well as the years following. Multiplication is MEMORIZATION!

Please use the first set of flashcards sent home with your child to help prepare your child for their first multiplication drill on Monday, October 23.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

-Ms. Allison


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