New Info and Reminders

Hi everyone!

I wanted to remind you of a few things, and also provide you with some new information regarding things that are happening in our school and our classroom.

  1. We are raising money for Tiger Trot, which will go towards getting Teasley a brand new turf field! Make sure to register your child at so that they can start receiving donations as soon as possible! Final donations are due by November 17th. The Tiger Trot run will be on Friday, November 10th during our specials time. As a class, we have raised $250 so far and that’s awesome! We are hoping for 100% class participation, so don’t forget to ask for those donations!
  2. If you plan on joining us for the Thanksgiving Luncheon, please make sure to let me know. We will provide the lunchroom staff with an official count of RSVPs to give them an idea of how much food needs to be prepared for the day.
  3. Remember to bring in your signed permission slips (dark green form) for our upcoming field trip, as well as the $10 payment. I will need these before the date of the trip (December 7th).
  4. NEW INFO! We are making 4th grade t-shirts! Students were given blue forms today with all of the information about the t-shirts. T-shirts are $6. The blue forms plus the $6 payment are all due by November 15th. Please get this in to me ASAP so we can order our amazing 4th grade t-shirts!
  5. This Friday is All Pro Dads. If you plan to attend, please show up before 7:35 AM. Anyone who arrives after the 7:35 AM cutoff will be encouraged to join us for the next All Pro Dads meeting. 🙂

That’s all for updates. Thank you!


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