Homework Tonight

For homework tonight, students should complete the next page in their Math Movie Theater booklet. Students who have already completed their booklets have no homework tonight.


$1 Dress Down Friday

Good Afternoon Teasley Families! We will be having a DRESS DOWN DAY this Friday, Feb. 2nd to benefit Black History Month activities. For $1, students may wear their favorite school appropriate outfit!

Help Stop The Spread of the Flu Virus


Teasley Families – we want to make sure you are aware of the information provided by School Health Services that may help stop the spread of the flu. Please take time to visit this webpage for the tips and information they have provided. If a child has a low-grade fever or they are not feeling well, we ask you to please keep them at home.  Those who have the flu (with or without fever) are highly contagious. Please know that we are all working hard at Teasley to disinfect classrooms and sanitize door knobs, hallway and stair railings and other public surfaces.  We hope you all stay well during this flu season!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

We are just three weeks away from our February break. Progress reports will be going home on Friday, February 9th. I am currently in the process of entering grades into the online grade book, so continue to log in to your ParentVUE account to check for updates during the next two weeks.

**IMPORTANT** It’s that time of the year again…everybody is getting sick! Please make sure your students are getting their 8 hours of rest each night, drinking plenty of water, taking their vitamins, and whatever else you need to do to keep them healthy! There have been many students absent/going home sick each day. Additionally, if your child is sick with a fever, or has been vomiting, PLEASE keep them at home! We of course want our students to be at school when they can, but we would rather them be at home resting when they are sick!

Here is what we are doing this week:

Reading: In reading this week, we are revisiting an old skill. We will be focusing on visual representations as we read our book, The Tiger Rising. Students will be working on a poster project on Friday, which will count as an assessment grade.

Writing: Informative Writing cont. All final drafts will be due this Friday for a writing craft grade.

Social Studies: We will continue our study of the American Revolution. Be on the lookout for a study guide coming home soon.

Math: In math, we are working on division skills and strategies. Please expect your child to have math homework each night this week. Division is a difficult concept and we need lots of practice! Tonight for homework, students should complete the first two pages out of their Movie Theater booklet.

Spelling: Spelling words this week are words with the /oo/ sound. Students have their word lists in their agendas, and the words are posted on Spelling City. Our spelling test is on Friday.

Health: Typically, our health grades consist of our guidance lessons. This month, however, I am taking grades on the quizzes in the students’ Fire Safety workbooks. All last week, the morning work has been to work on the quizzes in the Fire Safety workbook. Some students have chosen to work on the quizzes at home. All 6 quizzes are due this Wednesday. Each quiz will count as a classwork grade. No late workbooks will be accepted. 

Thank you!

-Ms. Allison


Health Quiz Friday

After our trip to the Fire Safety Village yesterday, I was shocked to discover that many of our students do not know their address or a parent’s phone number!

Students’ homework for the next two days is to memorize their home address and the phone number of at least one parent/guardian. They will have a quiz on Friday that will count as a Health grade.

Thank you!

Monday, January 22, 2018

WOW. It is now the third week of the third quarter, but thanks to snow days/MLK Day, our students have only been in school for a total of 7 DAYS. That means that we have LOTS of catching up to do! Here is what we will be doing in our classroom this week:

Reading: We will continue to spend this week “reading” characters. Students will learn more about the characters in the book The Tiger Rising by looking at what the characters say and do. We will have a test on Friday.

Writing: Informational Writing cont.

Social Studies: We will continue our study of the causes, effects, and events of the American Revolution.

Math: Starting Wednesday, we will begin our math unit on division using an area model. There will be a mini quiz on Friday that will be taken as a classwork grade.

Spelling: Our spelling words this week are more words with the short u sound. Students were given their spelling lists this morning, and the words are available to study on my Spelling City page. Our spelling test will be on Friday.

Reminder: Our field trip to the Fire Safety Village is tomorrow. Please make sure students are dressed in standard attire pants (NO skirts/dresses), their class t-shirt, and closed toed shoes. Students may bring a light jacket. If your student is bringing a lunch, please make sure it is packed in a paper sack or plastic bag that can be thrown away (including any food containers). All other students who are not bringing a lunch will purchase a sack lunch at school before we leave. We will depart around 9:15 am and return to school around 1:00 pm.

Thank you!

-Ms. Allison

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hello everyone!

We are back with another short 4-day week. Here is a quick update of what we will be doing in the classroom this week:

Reading: We will still be reading The Tiger Rising and studying each of the characters to see what we can learn about them through their voice/actions. No test this week.

Writing: Informational writing cont.

Social Studies: We are continuing to focus on the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution. No test this week.

Math: I am moving our math test on finding the area of rectilinear figures to tomorrow (Wednesday). After our test, we will be moving into division.

Spelling: Spelling words this week are words that are contractions. Students were given their word list this morning and the words are available on my Spelling City page. The spelling test will be on Friday.

Reminder: Please continue to send in completed field trip forms. If you have received a form back because of missing/incorrect information, please fix and return ASAP. Our field trip to the Fire Safety Village is next Tuesday, January 23rd!

That’s all for this week! 

-Ms. Allison

Cobb Fire Safety Village

When: Tuesday, January 23 (9:15am-1:30pm)


Please help your child to prepare for the Fire Safety Village field trip by reading the following:

  • Please make sure your child has on comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  • Make sure that your child wears a light jacket or sweater. About 45 minutes of the trip is done outside. Heavier coats and jackets may be left on the bus.
  • If your child is bringing a lunch, please make sure to send your child with lunch in a disposable bag with his or her name written on it. All storage items/containers inside of the bag must also be disposable. Lunch boxes may not be taken into the Safety Village.
  • Other students purchasing lunch from school will get a sack lunch to take with them.
  • We leave promptly at 9:15 am and will return approximately at 1:30 pm.

Thank you for your support in making sure our field trip runs as smoothly as possible!