Report Card Envelopes



Last Classroom Update

Hi all,

We are 7 days away from the last day of school…can you even believe it has gone by this fast?

I just wanted to update you all and let you know that all grades for the remainder of the year are officially complete. Report cards will be sent home over the summer. In order to receive your child’s report card and other important information, please send an 8 1/2 by 11, self-addressed envelope with four (4) stamps attached by May 18th. If your child has outstanding balances for ASP, the media center, or the cafeteria, their report card will be held until the balances are paid.

Our in-house field trip to watch the movie Matilda is next Monday. Please return those permission slips as soon as possible.

The 4th grade Honors Awards Ceremony will be on Thursday, May 17th at 8:10 am in the Teasley Cafeteria. Invitations were sent home with those students that will be receiving an award. Family and friends of those receiving an award are welcome to attend!

I will keep you updated on all End of Year procedures.

Have a great week!

-Ms. Allison

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We are down to the last 2 1/2 weeks of school (12 days left!)


  • Field Day is this Friday! Students may wear gym attire to school on this day (students who purchased a field day shirt should wear their shirt to school). Please have your student bring a change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks, and even SHOES). We have some amazingly fun water activities planned, and they will get SOAKED!
  • All library books are due Monday. Please bring any library books back to school to return. Students who have overdue books/fines at the end of the year will not be able to receive their report card over the summer.
  • The BOGO Book Fair is next week! More info to come.
  • If your child has borrowed a textbook from school, please return these ASAP.

Here is what we will be doing in our classroom for the remainder of the year:

Reading: We have finished reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. The next book we will be reading and studying is Matilda! Students will have daily assignments/quizzes that go along with each chapter that we read. When we finish, there will be a test over the entire book.

Writing: We are continuing to work on writing different types of poetry. By the end of the year, students will have a completed poetry book to take home. Each poetry piece will be taken as a writing grade, and graded using a rubric.

Social Studies: We still have quite a bit of Social Studies topics to cover before the end of the year. We will finish up the year with the Industrial Revolution and the Civil War. There will not be any more Social Studies tests, however everything we do in class during Social Studies time will be taken for a classwork grade.

Math: Math time during these last two weeks will be a review of multiplication and division strategies. There will be a math quiz next week.

Spelling: Due to Field Day, there are no spelling words this week. Our last spelling test will be next Friday.

Enjoy these last 2 weeks!

-Ms. Allison


Monday, April 30, 2018

**IMPORTANT: All completed pink forms are due this Wednesday, March 2nd. Please bring these in ASAP. Thanks!

Here is a quick update for this week.

Reading: We are continuing our book study of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We will finish the book this week and have our test on Thursday.

Writing: In writing, we are going to be creating poetry books!

Social Studies: Students were given a Chapter 10 study guide last week. Students should keep up with their study guide and will be able to use it on the test, which will be announced soon.

Math: This week we are reviewing telling time/elapsed time. There will be a test on Friday.

Spelling: Spelling words for this week are available on Spelling City. There will be a spelling test on Friday.

Thank you!

-Ms. Allison

Monday, April 23, 2018

REMEMBER: Please bring back pink forms ASAP with two proofs of residency included!

Classroom behavior has been slipping these past few weeks!!! Administration has notified all staff to tighten up behaviors, as they tend to become lax towards the end of the year. Please remind your child of the expectations and rules at school, which can be found in the agenda on pages 4-6. Repeated offenses will result in an office referral.

Here is the update for this week!

Reading: In reading, we are continuing to read Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. We will have a test over chapters 3-6 on Friday.

Writing: In writing, we will be writing poetry pieces!

Science/Social Studies: We will be finishing up Animal Adaptations with a quiz on Wednesday. Then, we will be moving onto Social Studies to talk about The New Nation.

Math: We are reviewing geometry this week and will be working on an in-class project that will be due on Friday.

Spelling: Spelling words are back this week! Students were given their lists this morning, and the words are up on my Spelling City page. Our spelling test will be Friday.

Have a great week!

-Ms. Allison


Please send in your completed pink 2018 intent form as soon as possible! This form is extremely important!!!

Also, please make sure you are sending in TWO updated proofs of residency with your pink form, even if your address has not changed. I am sending back all of the forms that I have received so far so that you can attach these required documents. Proof of residency include home ownership title or lease or rental agreement and a current utility bill (power, gas, or water).

Thank you for getting these back to me ASAP!


Now that Milestones are over, we have finished covering all of our math standards for the year.

Due to this, there will be no more early morning tutoring for the remainder of the year.

Thank you!