Language Arts

Reading Workshop

  • “Just Right” Book- Students should read their “just right” book every night for 20 minutes.
  • Guided Mini Lesson- Whole group lesson focused on the daily reading strategy/skill
  • Guided Reading- Small group reading is differentiated based upon readiness, skill, and interest.

Writing Workshop

  • Writing Process
  • 1-on-1 conferencing
  • Small group skills conferencing
  • Adding details to support ideas
  • Publishing a written piece


Cause and Effect

Wacky Web Tales-Make up your own story in an entertaining way!

Internet4Classrooms-TONS of links, different grade levels, AMAZING site!

Inferencing Riddle Game

This is a really cool interactive website where you can listen to a story and pick out the elements. 🙂

Reading Comprehension!

Practice, Practice and More Fun Practice! This is an amazing website with interactive games for Language Arts and Math!

Do you like to laugh at funny poetry? This site is great to help with fluency in a fun way.

Multimedia Grammar Glossary