Perfect Attendance

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coming to school every day on-time is a key ingredient to student success. The Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school ready to learn and on time every day. Any student who has perfect attendance, (which means no excused or unexcused absences or tardies) through the end of the 2nd 9 weeks, Wednesday, December 20th, will receive recognition for their attendance. These students will receive a free dress down day, a special treat, and a brag tag for their bookbags. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will be invited to a special celebration during the last week of school to praise their commitment to their education. Thank you for your support in getting your student to school every day!


Monday, November 13, 2017

We are officially one week away from Thanksgiving Break! There are lots of important updates for this week, so please take a few moments to read all of what I have included in this week’s post.

Even though Tiger Trot is over, students may continue to raise money until this Friday, November 17th. Remember that all donations go towards getting Teasley a brand new turf field!

4th grade t-shirt order forms and payment is due this Wednesday. However, due to low participation, we are extending this deadline to Friday. Please return these forms and the $6 payment ASAP. We would like for each 4th grader to have an amazing shirt to wear on field trip days, or any other special days throughout the year.

Please also remember to bring in field trip order forms and the $10 payment. These need to be turned in by the first week in December. (The field trip is December 7th)

The Thanksgiving Luncheon is this Thursday. We will dine at 11:00-11:40.

Please make sure your child practices their recorders 6 days a week for 15 minutes, and please sign off on their recorder logs. Students who have failed to practice and turn in their logs will receive a failing grade in Music for the 2nd nine weeks. If you have any questions about Recorder Karate, please visit Mrs. Mungin’s blog.

And finally, here is what we are doing in our classroom this week:

Reading: We will be working on making inferences this week. To make an inference, we take what the text tells us (text evidence), plus what we already know (prior knowledge) to make an inference about the text. We will have a test on Friday.

Writing: Students will be writing an opinion piece this week on what animal (dogs v.s cats) makes the better pet.

Science: We will be talking about Simple Machines this week. There will be a simple machines test on Friday. Students will also be completing an AT HOME project that will count as a project grade. The project is due on Thursday, November 30th (the Thursday after we return from break). Students were sent home with a hard copy of the project requirements, but I have attached a digital copy here: DesignaTurkeyTrapProject

Math: In math this week, we will be practicing multiplication using an Area Model. You can find an example of how to do an area model here: Area Model. We will have our test on Monday, after we return from break. Please continue to practice multiplication facts nightly at home, and sign your child’s log each night.

Spelling: Spelling words this week are words with the short o sound. Our test is on Friday. There is no spelling packet this week, however students were given the words to glue into their agendas. I also have the word list available for practice on my Spelling City page.

If you have any questions about anything, please email me!

Have a great week~

-Ms. Allison

Recorder Karate Update

Hello Parent’s,

Our Recorder Karate unit is coming to an end.  The last day to test any song is November 28th.

After this date student grades will calculated for report card grading.  After the 28th, students have not tested will receive a zero for incomplete testing.

Please take a minute tonight to check your child’s recorder folder.  If your child has alerts in their folder that have not been signed, please sign them tonight.  Academic Alerts will be sent home next week for students who are in danger of failing music.  If you have any questions about grading, all procedures are outlined in the parent letter and rubric sent home at the beginning of the unit.  You can also check out the Recorder Karate link on my website,

Thanks for your attention and support in helping your child become a better musician.


Teasley’s Science Fair

K-1 teachers:

For students in Kindergarten and First grade, the science fair will be open for optional participation. Kindergarten and First grade projects will not be judged, but will receive a participation ribbon on Monday, January 22nd, and will be displayed in the media center for several weeks following.

Please visit for more information regarding the science fair and your grade level.

2-5 teachers:

Projects will be judged on Monday, January 22nd and projects will be displayed in the media center for several weeks to follow! The top 3 students per grade level will be awarded with a 1st-3rd place ribbon. All remaining participants will earn a participation ribbon! The 1st place winner from grades 3-5 will be asked to bring their project to the District Science Fair. The district science fair will be on Saturday, February 10th at Kennesaw Mountain High School.

Please visit for more information regarding the science fair and your grade level.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hi all,

Reminder: There is no school tomorrow!

Here is an update for this week:

Reading: In reading, we will be comparing and contrasting firsthand and secondhand accounts of the same event. Students should be able to tell whether or not a text is a firsthand account, or a secondhand account, and then know the similarities/differences between the two texts. We will have a test on Friday.

Writing: Opinion Writing cont.

Science: We are continuing our study of Force and Motion, and later in the week we will switch our focus to simple machines. The science test was rescheduled from last week, and will now be on Thursday of this week. The test will only include information pertaining to Force and Motion.

Math: We will finish up number and shape patterns this week. Our test on this will be on Wednesday. 


Please remember to bring in your t-shirt order forms and payment if your child is ordering a 4th grade t-shirt. Also, please continue to bring in permission slips and payment for the field trip.

If you have signed up to bring a pumpkin or a tablecloth, please have these to me by this Friday (preferably Thursday if possible!). I would like for us to be able to do our Pumpkin Project on Friday. Thank you so much to those who have donated!

That’s all for this update. Have a wonderful week!

-Ms. Allison


New Info and Reminders

Hi everyone!

I wanted to remind you of a few things, and also provide you with some new information regarding things that are happening in our school and our classroom.

  1. We are raising money for Tiger Trot, which will go towards getting Teasley a brand new turf field! Make sure to register your child at so that they can start receiving donations as soon as possible! Final donations are due by November 17th. The Tiger Trot run will be on Friday, November 10th during our specials time. As a class, we have raised $250 so far and that’s awesome! We are hoping for 100% class participation, so don’t forget to ask for those donations!
  2. If you plan on joining us for the Thanksgiving Luncheon, please make sure to let me know. We will provide the lunchroom staff with an official count of RSVPs to give them an idea of how much food needs to be prepared for the day.
  3. Remember to bring in your signed permission slips (dark green form) for our upcoming field trip, as well as the $10 payment. I will need these before the date of the trip (December 7th).
  4. NEW INFO! We are making 4th grade t-shirts! Students were given blue forms today with all of the information about the t-shirts. T-shirts are $6. The blue forms plus the $6 payment are all due by November 15th. Please get this in to me ASAP so we can order our amazing 4th grade t-shirts!
  5. This Friday is All Pro Dads. If you plan to attend, please show up before 7:35 AM. Anyone who arrives after the 7:35 AM cutoff will be encouraged to join us for the next All Pro Dads meeting. 🙂

That’s all for updates. Thank you!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hi everyone! Here is a quick update for this week:

Reading: This week in reading we will be talking about Author’s Point of View and how the author supports their point of view with details. We will have a test on Friday.

Writing: We are continuing to work on Opinion Writing.

Science: This week we are finally going back to science! We will begin to focus on Force and Motion. We will have a quiz on Friday over everything we cover this week.

Math: In math we are finishing up factors and multiples, and there will be a test tomorrow (Tuesday). Then, we are moving on to number and shape patterns.

Spelling: As always, we will have a spelling test on Friday. The words for this week are plural words. Students can study their spelling packets and also study via my Spelling City page.

That’s it for this week! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

-Ms. Allison

Recorder Karate- Mrs. Mungin

Hello Parents,

So are you tired of hearing squeaking recorders around your house or music that doesn’t sound like anything you have ever heard of? WONK WONK!!!!  Well I have a great solution to the madness.  Click on the link below to see video tutorials of the 4th grade Recorder Karate song, “It’s Raining,” and the 5th grade Recorder Karate song, “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

Hopefully you will hear some happy tunes soon.

Musically Yours,

Mrs. Musical Mungin