Areas of Study

Quarter 1 Water


Quarter 2 Force and Motion

Light and Sound

Quarter 3 Stars and Star Patterns

Earth, Moon and Solar System

Quarter 4 Ecosystems

Protective Adaptations

Science Textbook Online


Check out moon phases here!

Kids’ Health Website-Go, Slow and Whoa! 

Learn more about how to eat to stay healthy! Kids’ Health-Nutrition

Kids Health-Learn more about your body and how to keep you healthy. 🙂

Edheads-You guys love this site. Have fun doing experiments and surgeries.

Solids and Liquids Interactive Site-BBC Revisewise

Changing States Interactive Site-BBC Revisewise

Weather Wiz Kids-All your questions about weather answered!

Force and Motion Links

Force, Motion, Simple Machines Oh My!

Force and Motion Activity-Part 3

Ed Heads-Simple Machines

How would you look like as a wild creature? Check it out!

Animal Research Part 1

Animal Research Part 2

Animal Research Part 3

Be a superSTAR, and go to this website to learn more about stars.

Internet4Classrooms-You HAVE to go here, TONS of links, different grade levels!

An “Out of This World Site”

SPACE!!! Great interactive links!


Kids’ Astronomy-cool site!

Weather Wiz Kids!

Ecosystem Games!

Owl Pellet information

Interactive science sites for grades 3-6

Check out the phases of the moon!

Constellation Hunt 🙂

Finish Planetary Packet Here

Learn all about the digestive system here!