Social Studies

Areas of Study

  • Regions/Map Skills
  • Native Americans
  • Explorers
  • Colonial Times
  • Revolutionary War
  • Independence/ A New Nation
  • Westward Expansion

Meet the New World Explorers Chart Meet the New World Explorers.ppt

National Geographic for Kids

Explorers interactive games-concentration, matching, etc…

Everything Colonization!

Valley Forge information

Great Revolutionary War site. 🙂

Interactive games for key figures of the American Revolution

Congress for Kids-Play games, take quizzes, have fun with our Constitution!

Branches of Government

Social Studies for Kids-Economics

Economics Games

Native American website

Explorers, explorers, explorers!

Colonial PowerPoint by kiddos like YOU! Check it out!!


Lewis and Clark interactive game-Pretty cool! 🙂

Pioneer Internet Activity Use this page to research about the life of pioneers.

Native American PowerPoint Presentation 🙂

Native American pictures

Colonial Research 1

Colonial Research 2